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I’m trying to achieve a powerpoint Template using the well known application “Sense System Performance Analyzer”

in the ‘dashboard sheet’, there’s a master visualisation chart, using “Alternates measures”, but i didn’t see or know how in Qalyptus, get the image corresponding to a specific alternate measures.

In nPrinting Side, it seems that “alternate measures” are not supported : Solved: Nprinting not recognizing the alternative Measures… - Qlik Community - 42173

Have you some information on how achieve this ? or like nprinting, using alternate dimensions or measures is not possible ?

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Hi @sebastien.arana,
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Qalyptus does not support using “Alternates dimensions” or “Alternates measures”.
But I can suggest to you two solutions to achieve your need.

1- Option 1 (recommended): Change your main measure by adding a condition using a variable. And set the variable value using a Qalyptus Filter.
Example: create a variable “vDim” with an initial value 0.
In your measure use an expression like: if(vDim =0, [Main measure], if(vDim = 1, [Alternative measure 1], [Alternative measure 2]))

In Qalyptus Desktop, create a filter and choose the variable “vDim” and set the right value to show the desired measure.
in the template editor > Used tab, right-click on the chart > select properties and Apply the filter.

2- Option 2: Duplicate your chart and make the alternative measure the main measure.
Save the chart as a master Item
In the Qalyptus template editor, you will find the new chart in the node “Master items”
Drag and drop the chart to your template file
Remove the chart from the Qlik Sense sheet.

Let me know if this can help you.


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Hello @jeremie_m ,

Many thanks for your complete reply, it help yes !

You’re welcome, @sebastien.arana.
Always happy to help :wink: