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Cant get Notify to work and am not allowed to submit a support ticket!


I have been trying to get Qalyptus Notify to work for a couple of days (on and off) now and am getting hugely frustrated. I think I have read most of your documentation and cannot get the extension to connect to your server (which I believe is installed correctly on the same machine as Qlik Sense (April 2020). I looked at the community and then registered on the support site (freshdesk) which allowed me to write a good ticket before telling me that I was not allowed to post anything - Hurrumph!

I haven’t given up on you - the business - (just) yet and maybe you read posts on the community - always assuming I am going to be allowed post this :-).


hi @philip.doyne,
Welcome to Qalyptus community

We are sorry for this inconvenience.
I don’t know why you couldn’t send your message with freshdesk. we will investigate.

Please next time, if that doesn’t work, you can write to us directly by email (as stated in all of our emails)

I would like to thank you for your insistence on using Qalyptus Notify.

If you wish, I can send you an invitation (visio conformance) to see together the problem you are having.
Or can you tell me more about the problem you are having.
Did you get a particular error message?

You are always welcome to write to us :slight_smile:


As promised.
We investigated and we found that there is a problem in Freshdesk platform.
Many other companies have the same problem

We will do our best to find a solution.
In the meantime we continue to receive requests by email.

Thank you again for your feedback philip

Qalyptus Team

The service is now available again!

Team Qalyptus