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Create exclusion filter by some values


there’s a way to create a filter that exclude some values?

If yes, could you provide me an example?



Hi Marco,
Welcome to the Qalyptus Community.

To excludes values using a Filter, you have at least two options that you can choose depending on your need.

  1. Create a bookmark with dynamic selections. Then create a filter in Qalyptus with this bookmark

  2. The method bellow

The best way is to use a Qlik expression to get the values to select then concatenate them with this format: (value1|value2|value3)

This method is very powerful because you can use it in any complex need.

Here is an example :

If you want to select dates between two dates (last 24 months), you can write an expression like this one and concatenate the result:

='('&concat(distinct {<[Data] ={">=$(=MonthStart(Today(), -24))<$(=MonthStart(Today()))"} >} [Data], '|')&')'

Use your expression in the filter like this.

Tips: Check your expression in a Qlik Sense text object to make sure that it returns the right values in this format (value1|value2|value3)

Please let me know if one of the two methods allows you to make the exclusions.