Desktop Project Publish Fails with unknown error

HI all,
made a new project with his report and the preview works fine.
But if i try to publis it to he server i get the message: “request failed with unkonwn error” and no log file were produced under the log folder sette4d in desktop configuration.

Thanks in advance,
Marcello Savino

Hi @m.savino,
Welcome to the Qalyptus Community.

Please ensure that you use the same version of Qalyptus Desktop and Qalyptus Server; I recommend you upgrade both Qalyptus Desktop and Qalyptus Server to the latest version.

Ensure that all the elements (Connections, Filters, Templates, and reports) in Qalyptus Desktop have a valid status (green icon)

To learn more about the error, you can check the Qalyptus Server log file located at C:\ProgramData\Qalyptus\QalyptusServer\Log (on the machine where Qalyptus Server is installed)

If you still have the same error, please open a ticket to Qalyptus support.

Thank you,