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Email configuration: 'Code' button and text format

I am new to Qalyptus, but have a little bit of experience in NPrinting from my former job. Currently, I am trying to configure an email within a task (Tasks > Distirbution > Email) and have two questions:

First, I was wondering about the code button:
What kind of code is this function for? Since it’s for an email, I expected it to be able to handle HTML code, but all HTML commands I tried are displayed as I type them in the final email. Is this just a format thing, so the text typed within the ‘code’ area has a differen font type/size etc.?

Second, is it possible to change the line spacing in the email text? The standard setting for a line break looks like 12pt. or something, so there is much space in between the lines. At the end of my emails it currently looks like this:

Best regards,

My name

My title

Short note ('FYI: ...') written in tiny font size

So there is much space between the lines, which looks rather odd. I did not find a way to change the spacing. Is this possible? We are running Qalyptus Server


Hi @marc
Welcome to the Qalyptus community.

  • The function Code: this function allows you to enter a programing language code for example to distinguish it from the rest of the text. If for example, you want to enter an SQL script or a javascript snippet, …

  • it possible to change the line spacing in the email text? : When you format a text as “Paragraph”, the text is created in the HTML tag <p></p>
    if for example your message contains two paragraphs, the HTML code will be like this:

<p>Attached are your reports.</p>

You can have different interpretations of the HTML code by provided messaging services (Gmail, Outlook, …)

The email editor in Qalyptus Server doesn’t allow you to enter an HTML/CSS code, if you need to format your text with HTM and CSS, you can create a custom HTML/CSS report with Qalyptus Desktop and embed it in the email message.