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Emails are not successfully sent by Qalyptus Server

Your recipients do not receive emails sent by Qalyptus Server. How to investigate to understand the reason.

It is important to note that Qalyptus is not an email server but a client that gives your SMTP server the necessary information to send emails.

Email was not received; there are two cases:
1- There was an error on the client-side. Qalyptus will give you information on the error.

2- If Qalyptus passed the email to the SMTP Server correctly and the email was not delivered, it is important to check the status of the email on your SMTP server.

How to know the status of emails sent
Qalyptus Server creates a log file for each email sent. In this log file, you will find all SMTP activity. If at the time of sending there was an error, it will be indicated.

If in the logo file, it is indicated that the email is sent correctly but it’s not received by your recipient, you must investigate your SMTP server to understand the reason (email blocked, the email bounced, spam, …).

Where are the email log files located?
When executing a task to generate and distribute reports, Qalyptus will create for each email sent a log file, and the path to all the files is indicated in the task log file.