Excel repeat header row in export pdf

Hi all, i create an excel template with a long table so the resulting report is with several pages when exporting to pdf. How does repeat row header?
When I try to configure the header in the resulting excel (Page Layout → Print Titles → Row to repeat at top) It works but when generate report from template It loses the configuration. It’s a bug?

Hi @info1,
You must configure the header repeat in the template file, not the result file.
Please visit this section in the Qalyptus documentation, which describes how to achieve this step-by-step.

Please let me know if it works for you.


I configure the header in the template but when It’s transformed in pdf doesn’t work and in xlsx is without the configuration.

If I try in the result file It works fine in export pdf.
It seems a bug in the transformation from template to pdf


Please can you share your Excel template file? Or send it to us (support).