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Fine tuning of HUB for view report special users

Is it possible to configure users to view only certain reports in HUB? For example, financial reports are seen by users with the Finance role. Marketing only sees sales reports, for example.

Hi @IvanShamaev,

Yes, you can manage the access to report by groups.

When you create the publish task, add the user’s group you want to access to the reports of the task.

Only the users of the group can see the reports on the portal Qalyptus HUB.

In the example below, only the users in the group “Finance” will see the task’s reports.

Thank you for your reply!
Do you plan to make folders/catalogs for reports for grouping theirs within the portal into folders? By analogy, as the apps in the Qlik Sense are grouped by streams.

Yes @IvanShamaev
We are working on this for the June Release. Not exactly like Streams, because you will be able to create folders and subfolders

Much other good news will be announced for the June release.