Get ondemand/requests Status data back


With the documentation for the API Qalyptus is providing I was able to get task data back.

When I try to get on demand data back from the api I don’t see any data.
I tried https://[sitename]:3994/api/v1/ondemand/requests and no data was returned.
How can I get the data from the screenshot out of the api?
am I using the right api?

I Cannot add screenshot because i’m a new user. :frowning:
So I added them as repies

Hi @MartWClimber,
Yes, you are using the right endpoint.

You should get the expected result with the following:
Method: GET
Endpoint: https://[sitename]:3994/api/v1/ondemand/requests
Content-Type: application/json

Below is an example of a request made with Postman

Please try again, and if it is still not working, please tell me exactly how you test the API (with Postman, Javascript app,…etc.)

Thank you