About Qalyptus Documentation

Install and configure Qalyptus Notify

Qalyptus Notify is a Qlik Sense extension that uses Qalyptus Server Engine. In the video below, we will see how to install Qalyptus Server and then how to import the Qalyptus Notify extension into Qlik Sense Server Enterprise.

We will see the following:

  • Ensure the necessary rights to connect to Qlik Sense
  • Open Qlik Sense Service Ports (Only for installation in a separate machine)
  • Export Qlik Sense certificates
  • Import and configure Qalyptus Notify

Install and configure Qalyptus Notify


In a default installation, Qalyptus Server use https with a self-signed certificate. You can also use Qalyptus Server with https using a third-party SSL certificate.
Qalyptus Server allows HTTP, although it is not recommended.

Qalyptus Server Configuration

Configuration of Qalyptus Server after installation: