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Installing Qalyptus server

I am installing for the first time Qalyptus server on the server and it throws this error.

Hi @jdiaz,
Thank you for your message.
This error is occurred when Qalyptus Server Configuration cannot run Qalyptus Server Service.
Please check that the user entered in the first screen of Qalyptus Server Configuration has the admin right and can run windows services.

You can try also to run manually Qalyptus Server Service in the list of your services.

Can you tell me if the user is already used to run Windows services?


The Qalyptus Team.

I tried to run manually but didnt work.
I am in a cloud environment, and the user I am using is the one that runs the QlikSense services. Windows services run as Local Service.

Thanks for the screenshot

I see that there are two images. In the upper part, I see that the Qalyptus Server Repository service is not running.
In the image below, I can see that the Qalyptus Server Repository service does not exist.

  • Can you confirm that you can run the “Qalyptus Server Repository” service? If you do not see the service, run Qalyptus Server Administration again and follow the installation steps.

  • Did you log in to the virtual machine with the same user? YourDomain\Devaccess. Otherwise, connect to the virtual machine with the user Devaccess and run the Qalyptus Server Administration and follow the installation steps.

Please let me know if this help your to run the Qalyptus Services.


The Qalyptus Team

Yes, Qalyptus server repository is running.

Yes, i log in with my Domain\Devaccess user

Also try the local Administrator user, but it didn’t work either.

hi @jdiaz
I suggest this to you.

  • Uninstall Qalyptus Server
  • Install the latest version of Qalyptus Server (I will send you the link by email)
  • If the problem persists, I suggest that we schedule a meeting to assist you.

Thank you,

The Qalyptus team