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Objects I selected do not appear in the Used column

Am new to Qalyptus and if I create a template (word or excel), I can see and right click all objects but if I select use as table or image nothing gets transferred to the Used column (it remains empty).
Am using latest Qalyptus trial version (not a good start though :-() and Qlikview desktop with Microsoft office 365 and windows 11
What is the problem please?

Hi @m.stoehr,
Welcome to the Qalyptus community.
I am sorry that you start using Qalyptus by that mistake.
The issue occurs when you use a PC with a very high resolution.
The objects are added to the Used tab but are not visible when you have a very high resolution.
Please try to reduce your monitor resolution or use another one.

Please let me know if you can now see the objects.


Thanks Jeremie,
Got it to work now but I’m not sure whether I can work with this resolution as my qlikview dashboards are all messed up now - especially on the 2nd screen. Is there a different solution for this problem (maybe using windows combability view settings only for qalyptus?)
Also if I try to print a report of a table (straight or pivot) with product images - all image spaces are empty - only the alphanumeric values are showing in the table but no product images. How to achieve this?
Thank you and kind regards

Hi @m.stoehr,

Please can you share your resolution?