Pivot Table in Qalyptus Desktop

Hi, i have a problem with the Pivot Tablets in Qalytus, when i drag and drop the columns in my template. i dont get the values to the measures.

Hi @m.zafra,
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This is the normal behavior of Qalyptus when you work with a pivot table that has more than one header line, or that has a dimension in a column.

You can drag and drop the pivot table column only when the pivot table has only one header line and has only measures as columns.

​​In a Pivot table, when dimensions are added in columns, the number and the name of the columns after exporting the object will be different from the column’s name of the object in Qalyptus (template editor).



Hi @jeremie_m , thanks for your answer.

Then how can i make a table with a header that include a dimension and a measure? For example the ammount for month

Thanks, Manuel.

Hi Manuel,
When the header of your Pivot table includes dimensions and measures, you need to drag and drop the whole object, not the columns like in the GIF below: