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Printing extended sheet


Very impressed with Qalyptus so far. When setting a notification on an extended sheet, I notice that only the visible part gets printed. Is this something that you’re looking into fixing in the future? (or is it a Qlik API issue?)


Hi Barry,

Thank you for your message and for using Qalyptus. I appreciate what you are doing at Bitmetric (SenseTheme and Pinit) :+1:

Unfortunately the export of the Full Qlik Sense Extend Sheet is not possible because Qlik Sense API limitation. As you can see in this screenshot, The Qlik product (Qlik NPrinting) that uses the Qlik APIs does not support the export of Extend Sheet.


We follow the changes of the Qlik Sense APIs. If Qlik improve it Qalyptus Notify will be updated to export the entire contents of the Extend sheet.

However, you can receive you Extend sheet by email with another way; using HTML report.

  • Create an Html report by adding all the Sheet objects using Qalyptus Desktop. Get started
  • Create a Task in Qalyptus Server to generate the report.
  • When you create the task, in the email body add the Html report. You can also attach the report.
  • Add recipients and a Schedule to the task
  • The recipients will receive the sheet inside the email and/or as attached.
  • You can use another type of report: Exel, Word or PowerPoint, but only HTML report allows you to embed the report in the email body.

Note that to use Qalyptus Desktop and Qalyptus Server, you need a License :slight_smile:

I hope I answered your question.



The Qalyptus Team.

Hi Lotfi,

Thanks for the quick reply. I sort of already expected that the Qlik API was the issue. I understand that we can use Qalyptus Desktop and Server to solve this issue, however the current client that we’re trialing this at is lacking the budget for this :frowning: However, I certainly see that Qalyptus offers and attractive alternative to NPrinting, so will not hesitate to evaluate it against that at clients that are in the market for this solution!


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