Qalyptus Desktop application stops responding

Dear support Team,

We have been using your software to automate the creation of Excel reports since our first subscription in 2022
However, recently, the application seems to have stopped working at random when executing certain tasks…

Here is a screenshot of the log files:

As you can see, I was using the Desktop version of Qalyptus

  • I tried running a task multiple times but without success.

I then decided to update Qalyptus to the version to make sure it was not caused by a known bug.

  • At the first execution, the task runned sucessfuly.
  • At the second execution, it started failing again and Qalyptus stopped working.

In the screenshot, I used two different tasks but you can consider them in the same manner.
Both fail randomly and are based on the same template file. The filter is the only difference between them.

Could you provide us with your input on the matter ?
How can I assist you in solving this inconsistent behavior ?

Best regards,

Hi @it1,
Welcome to the Qalyptus community.
To investigate, please send me the Qalyptus Server log file located at C:\ProgramData\Qalyptus\QalyptusServer\Log

Please open a support ticket from our support site: or send an email to

Thank you

Hello Jeremy !

Thanks for your prompt reply.

The directory you mentionned does not exist.
Could it be that I’m using the Desktop version of Qalyptus and not the server ?
The only logs I found are the ones I added in my previous post, which were located here:

As for the support ticket, I had already sent an email to [email protected] prior to my post.
I’ll send another one to be sure !


The directory should exist. By default, the ProgramData folder is hidden.
You can show hidden directories by typing the directory path in your File Explorer to access the folder.

We didn’t receive your email, please ensure that you sent it to the right email address or open a ticket from the support website:

Thank you,