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Qalyptus uses noreply@qalyptus.com as sender email


I’m using the trial / Qalyptus Notify extension. I’ve configured the SMTP server and sender address, but now notice that this is not used in the emails, instead noreply@qalyptus.com is used. Is this something that can be changed? (perhaps just not in the trial/notify version)


Hi Barry,

Thank you for using Qalyptus Notify and for your message.

Yes, you’re right. That WAS the behavior of Qalyptus Notify. I appreciate your request; this was also requested by two of our customers.

Today we released Qalyptus June 2020 (We don’t yet communicated :wink: ). In this new version you can choose the sender address and the sender name for the subscriptions :slight_smile:

Please do the following to change the sender information:

  • Download and install the new version of Qalyptus Server
  • Go to: Qalyptus Administration>System> Qalyptus Hub
  • Edit Qalyptus Hub and change the sender email and address


In the SMTP configuration you can also choose the sender name and address. they will be used of all other email sending.

I hope this meets your needs.

Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any other questions or requests. We are happy to help.


The Qalyptus Team

Thanks, that’s good to know!

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With pleasure :slight_smile:
Have a good day.

The Qalyptus Team.