Qlik Saas authentication Issue

We cannot login to qlik saas from qalyptus.
All credentials are correct but we are using an internal identity provider with Active directory.
Is there a workaround ?

The response we are getting is:

Unable to authenticate user. Make sure the Qlik tenant URL and credentials are correct.

Hi @bi1,
Welcome to the Qalyptus Community.
You probably use the authentication option: “User account with qlik login form.”
If you use this option, you need to use the “Qlik account credentials”, and your Qlik tenant uses the Qlik authentication page.

In your case, you use your own Identity Provider (IDP). in this case, you need to use the second option for authentication: “Qlik JWT authentication”.

Please learn more here about setting up “Qlik JWT authentication”.

Let me know if there is something else that I can help you with.