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Qlikview password in qvp://


I’m trying to create a connection to a Qlikview document, but can’t enter my windows username + password upfront.
When I’m working in the Qal. Desktop I’m getting promted with the qlikview document where i have to enter a password.

My Qalyptus Desktop + Server installation are done with a different user then I want to use for the qlikview connection.

How can I make that work in the connection I’m making?

Hi Rob,

I can see that you want to use Document authentication (username and password).

In this case, you don’t need to add into the server address the username (@userB)

If you want to use Server authentication, I recommend you to run Qalyptus with the desired user,

because if the user that runs Qalyptus is user A and you want to open a document with user B (qvp://server@B), QlikView will prompt you to enter the Windows password of the user B.

Please let me know if this helps you to open the document.

If you use Qalyptus Server only with QlikView, change the user of the Qalyptus Server service, then restart the service.