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Request failed with unknown error

Good day,

I have installed Qalyptus notify & server and I have tested it and used it with no problem a few weeks back. Now that I have tried to make a subscription again via notify, I am getting error message “Request failed with unknown error” which appears to originate from Qlik Sense. I do not recall changing anything since last time that I have used it. More info below:

  1. Qalyptus is installed on the same machine as Qlik Sense enterprise.
  2. Qalyptus Notify connects successfully to server & logs in successfully with local user.


And when I click save to a new subscription:


Thank you in advance,


Hi @g.ntouzgos,
Welcome to the Qalyptus community.

If your Qalyptus Server version is prior, please upgrade to the last version (you don’t need to uninstall the existing version)
You can download the last version of Qalyptus Server here.

The error comes from Windows Server updates. We fixed the problem and you will never have this issue.

Please let me know if the problem disappears after upgrading Qalyptus Server.


Good day Jeremie and thank you for your prompt reply. Indeed the issue has been rectified by upgrading to latest version! However, I encounter 2 other issues now as below (please let me know if I need to open another thread).

  1. The default message for emails is not appearing (it used to appear normally)
  2. The report does not generate PDF file, only image, even though I cannot see anything wrong in the log file (export successful).

Thank you,


You’re welcome @g.ntouzgos
Happy that the problem is fixed :slight_smile:

For your second question, curious issues!
Please let me check it out. I will get back to you shortly.


Hi @g.ntouzgos,
As promised, I come back to you with a solution :slight_smile:
The problem was resolved

I sent you a link by email to download the last version.
Please upgrade and let me know if everything works well.


Good day Jeremie,

I confirm that everything is in order now, thank you once again for your excellent support. One last question though, is there a way to force the image or pdf export to fit the page, or change resolution?

Thank you!

You’re welcome @g.ntouzgos
I see that you open a new thread for your question and @Lotfib responded.