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Schedule once per quarter or year

Are there any plans to add an “annual” option to the schedule? (with months jan/feb/mar/etc. as a suboption)
Would be great to be able to send a notification at the start of a new quarter or new year.

Hi barry,
What you are describing is not currently available in Qalyptus.
This feature will be available in the next release (September 2020) with more options:

  • Annually
  • Once
  • Start date to End date
  • and more

thank you,

The Qalyptus team

Hi @bitmetric_barry,
have you been able to see the september 2020 release of Qalyptus?
We added the frequencies: “Yearly” and and “Once” to Qalyptus Server and Qalyptus Notify :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Qalyptus team