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I am trying to connect the Qalyptus desktop client to a QlikSense server. I have installed the certificates and confirmed the domain\username account can access QlikSense via the browser.

I’m getting this error constantly:

I have also connected to the server directly and install Qalyptus desktop on the Sense server using the admin credentials to connect, but I get the same error.

It seems something is blocking this application from connecting. Is there a port I need to open or allow anything through the firewall? Not sure what can cause this.

Kind regards,

Hi @werner.marx,

The error means, in general, that you are not open the Qlik Sense ports in your Qlik Sense machine:
The ports to open are: 4747, 4242, and 4243
For more information, visit the system requirements

To verify, you can do this in the machine where Qalyptus is installed.

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • tape this command: telnet [qlik-sense-server-full-name-without https://] 4747.
    Ex: telnet subdomain.domain.com 4747
  • If you can see a new page, ​that means the port is open, otherwise the port is not open

Your IT department should help you to solve this network issue.

Please open those ports and try again.