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Troubleshooting - Connect to Qalyptus from Qlik Sense using Qalyptus Notify

Troubleshooting - Connect to Qalyptus from Qlik Sense using Qalyptus Notify

This section describes issues that may arise from interacting with Qlik Sense from Qalyptus Notify. When using the Qalyptus Notify Extension with Qlik Sense, you may have difficulty interacting with Qalyptus Server. Below is a non-exhaustive list of situations that you may encounter:

Qaluptus Server is not accessible

If you have an error message when using Qalyptus Notify, check that Qalyptus Server is accessible by typing in your browser the URL entered in Qalyptus Notify settings, in the "Server address" field. If the site is not accessible, check that the address is correct and the Qalyptus Server service is started.

Mixed Content error

For security reasons, some browsers prohibit http requests between a secure application and an unsecured application.

If you use Qlik Sense with https and you use Qalyptus Server with http, your browser may display a "Mixed Content" error message and prevent your request from being executed. In this case, you must use Qlik Sense and Qalyptus Server with the same protocol: https or http.

To change the Qalyptus Server protocol visit: Qalyptus Server Configuration.

The Qalyptus Server Certificate is invalid

In a default installation of Qalyptus Server, a self-signed certificate is generated and used. When using Qalyptus Server with https, you have the option of using the self-signed certificate signed by Qalyptus or a certificate signed by another authority.

However, if you use the default certificate, the connection will appear as non-trusted on the browser of client computers. Thus, during your interactions with Qalyptus Server, you will have the following error message ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID.

This message can also appear if you use a domain name for Qalyptus which is different from the one used to link your certificate with Qalyptus Server. See Qalyptus Server Configuration.

There are 3 solutions for the connection to appear as approved:

  1. Use a certificate bought from a third-party trusted Certificate authority (such as VeriSign, GlobalSign or trusted Enterprise CA). Please follow the steps in the Qalyptus Server Configuration in order to add the certificate to Qalyptus server.

  2. Add the self-signed certificate generated by Qalyptus Server to the store "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" on the client computer.
    Warning: this action must be performed on each client computer that uses Qalyptus Server. It is recommended that the Active Directory domain administrator configures a domain policy to distribute the certificate to each client.

  3. Add the certificate to the list of exceptions. Type the URL of Qalyptus Server (with https) in your browser then, depending on your browser, agree to continue browsing to Qalyptus Server. The browser will add your certificate to the list of exceptions.

Warning: Chrome and Internet Explorer use the default Certificate store in Windows, for Firefox you will have to install the certificate in the browser (Tools > Options > Advanced > Certificates: View Certificates)