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Using SSO and a local machine


I’m interested in creating a POC for my company using Qalyptus. I want to connect to our Qlik Sense server but I work remotely from my local machine (not on a domain) using SSO to sign into our Sense environment.

I understand I need to export a certificate from the Sense QMC hub, but my question is would it be a problem considering the method I use to authenticate to the Sense server and the fact that I have a local machine? I also don’t have a static IP address to use so that won’t work.

Kind regards,

Welcome to the Qalyptus community, Werner,

Yes, you can use Qalyptus with your configuration: connect from your local machine to Qlik Sense with Qalyptus Desktop.

To do this, please follow the steps below:
1- Make sure that you have access to Qlik Sense from your browser.
2- Export the Qlik Sense certificates. When you export the certificates,

  • In the machine name field, enter the Full computer name of your machine

  • And check “Include secret key

3- Install the certificates using the Qalyptus Desktop wizard


4- When you create a connection, in the field “Qlik Sense user”, you need to enter your Qlik Sense user (DOMAIN\username) that you use to connect to Qlik Sense

Let me know if you can now create a connection and create a report.



Hi Jeremie,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

We have followed all the above steps, but unfortunately I could not create a successful connection. I’m going to try and give some context to our environment and I’m hoping you can help us figure this out.

We have an Isometrix platform that’s embedded with Qlik Sense OEM. The Qlik Sense server is hosted on Azure. We use a Single Sign On system to authenticate with this server.


As you can see I have a email address that’s used to sign on. Qalyptus does not accept this and using the domain\user format doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

I would love to get this working. We have a very large international user base and given the simplicity of Qalyptus, it would be the perfect fit for our needs.

Kind regards,

Hi @werner.marx,
Thank you for the information,
I will open a support ticket with your name to continue the discussion and find a solution for your case.

You will receive an email from our support platform. We will continue the discussion by email, and if needed, we can schedule a video conferencing meeting to make Qalyptus working in your environment.

See you