Images from local image Urls in table chart not showing in report

If I try to print a report of a table (straight or pivot) with product images (from ilocal image urls) for each row - all image spaces are empty - only the alphanumeric values are showing in the table but no product images. How to achieve this?
Thank you and kind regards

Hi @m.stoehr,
Please can you share some screenshots to illustrate your need?
I want to confirm what you want to do.


Also for your 2nd question for my screen resolutions (as I find it very inconvenient to always change the screen resolutions of my 2 screens when I want to print something in Qalyptus)
Surface screen: 3240x2160 and 200% zoom (all as recommended)
External Monitor: 3840x2160 and 200% zoom
It would be really helpful if qalyptus would automatically work with these (or any other modern resolutions)

Any feedback please?

Hi @m.stoehr,
Sorry for my late response.
Thank you for the information.
Please follow the steps described in this article, then try again.

Let me know if you can now open the template editor with the high resolution.