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Sample reports designed with Qalyptus

Would you know were can I get sample reports (excel, pdf, power point) designed with Qalyptus? Just to check de possibilities and see if the functionality is similar to NPrinting.
Also, If you can help on downloading the comparision between the two tools. I was not able to download it from your website.

Hi @luis.pimentel,

I sent you by email the comparison guide between Qalyptus and NPrinting.
The best way to get sample reports is to create reports using your data. After downloading Qalyptus Desktop, you can start creating reports in few minutes.

With the drag and drop functionality, you can create Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML reports.

The report can be

  • a simple (one file)
  • an Iteration report (several files. a file for each value of a dimension)
  • Repeat tables and charts in the same excel sheet and an HTML page. Or repeat Excel sheet, Word page, PowerPoint slide (create a sheet for each value in a dimension)

To distribute the reports, you can:

  • Save them in folders
  • Save them on a remote server via FTP
  • Send them by email, with the possibility to filter by a user (using email or domain account)
  • Publish them to Qalyptus Hub (secure web portal)

Let me know if you Insured your question.

Let me know if I messed anything.


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